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Why Is The Housing Inventory So Low?

One question that’s top of mind if you’re thinking about making a real estate move today is: Why is the housing inventory so low? If contemplating a house purchase, it may feel tempting to wait for larger inventory. However, waiting might not be your best strategy in today’s competitive real estate market. Here’s why. There […]

Get Ready for Smaller, More Affordable Homes.

Have you been trying to buy a home, but higher mortgage rates and home prices are limiting your options? If so, here’s some good news – based on what Ali Wolf, Chief Economist at Zonda, has to say – smaller, more affordable homes are on the way: “Buyers should expect that over the next 12 to 24 months there will be a notable increase […]

Mortgage Rates: Past, Present, and Possible Future.

If you’re hoping to buy a home this year, you’re probably paying close attention to mortgage rates. Since mortgage rates impact what you can afford when you take out a home loan – and affordability is a challenge today – it’s a good time to look at the big picture of where mortgage rates have been historically compared […]

Expert Home Price Forecasts Revised Up for 2023.

Toward the end of last year, there were a number of headlines suggesting that real estate experts and their home price forecasts were projecting home prices to fall substantially in 2023. This prediction stirred a lot of fear and questions about whether we were going to see a repeat of the 2008 housing crash. However, […]

Why It’s Still a Seller’s Market Today

Even though activity in the housing market has slowed from the frenzy that was the ‘unicorn’ years, it’s still a seller’s market, offering benefits to home sellers as the supply of homes for sale is quite low. But what does that really mean for you? And why are the seller’s market benefits especially present today […]