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We manage real estate listings, from new homes for sale, townhomes, condos, and multi-family to foreclosed homes, houses for rent, and commercial, rental, and investment properties in the Chicagoland area and surrounding suburbs. Start your search today for your perfect place to call home.


KM Realty Group LLC is a real estate brokerage in Chicago specializing in helping buyers and sellers find the right property to meet their needs with local MLS listings. We work with buyers looking for new homes, investors buying properties as a part of their investment strategy, and sellers who want to sell their homes quickly and at the best price possible.

Our real estate agents have years of experience and have helped hundreds of homebuyers and sellers get exactly what they want out of their home search. If you’re looking for help finding the perfect property for yourself or your investment portfolio, we can help. Call our real estate professionals now at (312) 283-0794!


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    When you work with an agent who knows your market, they’ll be able to tell you about the history of the house that’s for sale or investment in your area. They should know what kinds of houses are currently on the market and how long they’ve been there. They should also be able to tell you about any recent changes to your neighborhood, like new construction or roadwork.

    When you’re ready to start looking for a home, it’s important that you know what type of home you want and the features that matter most to you. Schedule a free consultation with one of our real estate agents at KM Realty Group LLC. An experienced agent will be able to help guide your search based on the following categories: Neighborhood, Price Range, Time frame, etc.

    You should always feel comfortable asking your agent questions. If you don’t understand something, or if there’s a less expensive way to do something, tell them! (You can also ask for help in getting financing and finding the right lender.) Your agent is there for your benefit; make sure you take advantage of their expertise.