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What To Expect if You Buy or Sell a Home This June

June is a busy month in the housing market because a lot of people buy and sell this time of year. So, if you’ve got a move on your mind and you’re looking to make it happen this month, here’s a snapshot of what you need to know to make sure you’re ready. If You’re Buying This June A lot of homebuyers with […]

Now’s a Great Time To Sell Your House

Are you thinking about selling your house? If so, you might be weighing factors like today’s mortgage rates and changing needs to determine your next move. Here’s something else to consider. According to the latest Home Purchase Sentiment Index (HPSI) from Fannie Mae, the percentage of respondents who say it’s a good time to sell is on the rise (see graph below): […]

The Best Week To List Your House Is Almost Here

Are you thinking about making a move? If so, now may be the perfect time to start the process. That’s because experts say the best week to list your house for sale is just around the corner. A recent Realtor.com study looked at housing market trends over the past several years (with the exception of 2020, since […]

3 Must-Do’s When Selling Your House in 2024

If one of the goals on your list is selling your house in 2024 and making a move, you’re likely juggling a mix of excitement about what’s ahead and feeling a little sentimental about your current home. A great way to balance those emotions and ensure you’re confident in your decision is to keep these three best practices […]

3 Reasons To Sell Your House Before the New Year

Some Highlights Here are a few reasons you may not want to hold off until the new year to sell your house. Buyers looking right now are highly motivated; the supply of homes for sale is still low, and you may find buyers are more flexible with showings this time of year. Connect with real estate brokers to determine if selling […]

Why You May Want an Energy-Efficient Home.

Some Highlights. Since inflation is increasing the cost of goods and services, looking for an energy-efficient home may make sense. Energy prices have increased over the last year, so look for energy-efficient features in your home search. If you’re looking to buy a home in Chicagoland and the surrounding this year, let’s connect with real […]

Two Reasons You Should Sell Your House

Wondering if you should sell your house this year? As you make your decision, think about what’s motivating you to consider moving. A recent survey from realtor.com asked why homeowners are thinking about selling their houses this year. Here are the top two reasons (see graphic below): Let’s break those reasons down and explore how […]

4 Key Tips for Selling Your House This Spring

Spring season has arrived, which means more and more people are getting their homes ready to sell. However, with recent shifts in real estate, this year’s spring housing market will be different from the frenzy of the past several years. To sell your house quickly, without hassles, and for the most money, be sure to […]