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Expert Home Price Forecasts Revised Up for 2023.

Toward the end of last year, there were a number of headlines suggesting that real estate experts and their home price forecasts were projecting home prices to fall substantially in 2023. This prediction stirred a lot of fear and questions about whether we were going to see a repeat of the 2008 housing crash. However, […]

Why It’s Still a Seller’s Market Today

Even though activity in the housing market has slowed from the frenzy that was the ‘unicorn’ years, it’s still a seller’s market, offering benefits to home sellers as the supply of homes for sale is quite low. But what does that really mean for you? And why are the seller’s market benefits especially present today […]

Don’t Expect a Flood of Foreclosures.

The rising cost of just about everything from groceries to gas right now is leading to speculation that more people won’t be able to afford their mortgage payments. And that’s creating concern that a lot of foreclosures are on the horizon. While it’s true that foreclosure filings have gone up a bit compared to last year, experts […]

Today’s Real Estate Market: The ‘Unicorns’ Have Galloped Off.

Comparing real estate metrics from one year to another can be challenging in a normal housing market. That’s due to possible variability in the market making the comparison less meaningful or accurate. Unpredictable events can have a significant impact on the circumstances and outcomes being compared.  Comparing this year’s numbers to the two ‘unicorn’ years […]

What To Expect as Appraisal Gaps Grow.

In today’s fiercely competitive Chicago real estate market, low inventory and high demand are driving up home prices. As a result, we are observing a trend where appraisal gaps grow. As many as 54% of homes in Chicago are receiving offers over the listing price, based on the latest Realtors Confidence Index from the National […]